Weekly Update 12/06

Dear Ingham friends,

I’m pleased to say that at the end of lockdown week 12, the residents and staff are happy and well, and yet again the week has flown by. We have enjoyed welcoming a few of you to Ingham House and are glad you enjoyed seeing your loved one in the safety of the garden.

This week our activities have included the following:

Reading the newspaper, doing a giant crossword, more proverbs, enjoying the ‘Our Survey Says’ quiz and our ‘Things that make us smile’ game.

Two sessions of musical movement - moving, clapping and swaying to ‘Old MacDonald Had a Farm’ and marching to the music of the Grenadier Guards.

A session on the NASA/SpaceX launch which the men particularly enjoyed. We watched footage of the recent rocket launch, remembered the space exploration in the 1960’s and the first moon landing.

Our morning church service where we looked at the story of The Prodigal Son.

An enjoyable afternoon devoted to sports - motor racing, tennis, show jumping, ice skating and ice jumping. The residents marvel at the prowess of the athletes.

More musical fun with one of our tenor resident performing some numbers from Gilbert and Sullivan and ‘My Fair Lady’. We also had an extended time of singing, dancing and fun.

We like a bit of Elvis Presley and Glenn Miller, and even did the Lambeth Walk this afternoon. Refreshments included Baileys and crème eggs!

A time of reminiscence remembering careers, homes, families and friends.

Watering the allotment each evening. I’m very glad to say the crops are growing.

One to one time looking at your photos, emails and letters.

A ‘Trooping of the Colour’ session where we enjoyed the pageantry and wonderful music.

The Wednesday film afternoon was a showing of Andre Rieu’s concert in Maastricht.

We are planning a cake sale in the front garden on Tuesday 7th July from 10.30am to support the Alzheimer’s Society Cupcake Day. This charity is dear to us and we will of course be maintaining social distancing. We would love to see you.

Please note you are most welcome to visit your relative from the safety of our garden. To comply with social distancing, please ring the office and let us know when you would like to come in. Also you can FaceTime your loved one.

We hope you are keeping well and we look forward to seeing you soon.