Weekly Update 10/09

Dear friends,

I hope this email finds you well. At Ingham House the residents remain healthy and free of covid-19, and we have had another happy week enjoying the beautiful September sunshine.

Our highlights this week have been Driver Tim’s special outing to Glyndebourne to see the opera house and surrounding countryside which the residents liked. Then Activities Sue organised a trip to the Rathfinney Vineyard near Seaford. As the minibus drove up the main drive, the group enjoyed panoramic views of the Cuckmere Valley out to the coast. They also saw a kestrel swoop to the ground to catch its prey and, with the mouse between its talons, return to the skies. It was like a David Attenborough documentary! This was followed by a small glass of Rathfinney sparkling wine overlooking row upon row of vines. It was a wonderful morning out.

We have also visited the South Downs National Park, Seaford seafront, Cooden Beach, Bexhill seafront and Pevensey Levels.

Activity colleague Tracy returned to work after nearly six months of furlough. She has been spending time with each resident and is delighted to be back at Ingham.

This week’s activities have included the following:

Lots of time in our sunny garden where we have done the daily crossword, read the newspaper, reminisced about WW2 and sang old songs. We have chatted about mortgages, bills, budgeting, buying and selling houses, done a Proverbs quiz, a spelling test(!) and our times tables.

Another movement session where we exercised to Rod Stewart tunes!

Jam tart making at Chris’s cookery club.

Games with Tracy - bowls, skittles, hoopla etc.

Local walks in the sunshine.

A Doris Day singalong.

An afternoon of poetry and luxury chocolates - always a winner!

Our afternoon church service where we sang favourite hymns and looked at some of the parables.

Music hours with Beethoven, Grieg and Abba.

So as you can see the residents have been active and we have had lots of fun together.

Please let the office know if you wish to visit your family member(s) next week and don’t forget you can also ‘Zoom’ your loved one.

We look forward to (hopefully) seeing you soon!