Activities Newsletter April 2021 - From Pamela

Dear Friends,

I hope you are happy and well, and enjoying the lovely spring weather. Here at Ingham House, we have had an active and busy month.

Drivers Tim and Andy returned to work this week and, along with colleagues Chris and Sue, took small groups of residents across the South Downs to Birling Gap, along the seafront to view the Carpet Gardens and to Seaford seafront. The residents returned refreshed and cheerful, eager to tell us about their outings.

This morning, Andy and I took seven residents on a local tour. The weather was just perfect and we saw lambs, farmland, blossom, tulips, daffodils, primroses and beautiful scenery. So in total 25 participants have been out of the house this week. We have flasks of tea and coffee which we consume on the minibus to comply with social distancing rules.

Hairdresser Natalie has been busy cutting and styling the residents hair, and chiropodist Andrew has been inspecting everyone’s feet.

We are keen to see our volunteers back at Ingham House. Would you consider visiting us once a week/fortnight/month? In the past our volunteers have accompanied us on our minibus outings and joined us on our local walks. We provide a free drink and biscuit. Please let me know if you would be interested. All we ask is that you have had two Covid-19 vaccinations and are willing to test before coming in each time.

Recent activities have included the following:

Celebrating the birthdays of Mary S, Sheila C and Hilary B. Lots of cake, candles, flowers and fun!

Some happy times in the garden harvesting our cabbages and spring onions, and planting seed potatoes. Resident Michael organised the garden team!

A continental morning where we spoke French, Spanish and German and sang European songs.

Active games including tin can alley, basketball, the 100 catch ball game, giant dominoes and carpet bowls.

Easter celebrations with homemade bonnets and Easter eggs for all!

St Patrick’s Day celebrations.

Various cookery sessions where the residents produced cornflake cakes, sausage rolls, jam tarts etc. Dulcie, Sheila and Norma were very involved!

Our popular film star quiz with questions, photographs, footage and music. Geoff and Joy guessed the most film stars.

A poetry session which led onto memories of scouting days, scout camps and a camp fire singalong co-led by resident David.

Flower arranging co-led by resident Midge.

Scrabble, playing card bingo and musical bingo with Chris.

Chris’s Tasting Club where the residents had a happy time tasting different cheeses and sipping wine. As popular as ever!

Music hours including Vera Lynn, Andre Rieu, Big Band, The Grenadier Guards, Max Bygraves, Rachmaninov, Nat King Cole, Western theme tunes, Strauss and some Reggae.

Please contact the office if you wish to visit your family member under the new government guidelines and don’t forget you can also Zoom or FaceTime your loved one.

At present, you are on my mailing list. However I don’t wish to irritate you by continuing to email! If you would like to stay on the list you are very welcome. If you would like me to remove you from the list, please would you email me back just saying ‘remove’.

Warm regards,


Ingham House Activities Co-ordinator

01323 734009