Happy New Year - January Newsletter


We had a wonderful Christmas here at Ingham House!

Some of the highlights this year included a trip to the Eastbourne pantomime, Christmas shopping and lunch at paradise park, and a lovely carol concert performed by the children from St. John’s school.


The New Year

We are currently designing a new sensory area to be incorporated into our garden. This should be ready to enjoy by the time the weather warms up!


It takes a lot of people to make Chrismas so special at Ingham House.

Thank you to all of the wonderful residents and their family and friends for making Christmas so special this year.

Thank you to our brilliantly enthuiastic members of staff for decorating the home and making sure everyone had lots of gifts to open on Christmas morning.

Thank you to our kitchen team for another truly delicious Chrismas dinner.

Thank you to our volunteers for helping us to go out for all the extra Christmas shopping trips.

Thank you to the chior from St. John's School for a beautiful carol concert.


Upcoming Events

We have jam packed our Calendar with events this year!

Thursday 25th January 2pm - Our Burns celebration with Scottish music, dancing and shortbread!

Wednesday 7th February 1.30pm - St Valentine's arts and crafts afternoon with refreshments.

Wednesday 14th February 2pm - Reminiscence time focusing on love and marriage with songs performed by Angela.

Thursday 1st March 2pm - Join us to celebrate St. Davids Day with Welsh cakes and songs from the valleys

Monday 5th March 11am - Singer and guitarist, Tony Martin will be performing for us.

Friday 9th March 11am - Our special Mother's, Son's and Daughter's Day reminicence time followed by songs from local singer Ritchie Lee at 2pm.

Monday 12th March 2pm - Our Commonwealth Day fancy dress party and food tasting.

Tuesday 13th March 2.30pm - Come and listen to our pianist Maralyn.

Friday 16th March 2pm - It's our St Patrick's Day celebration with Irish dancing and Chef Linda's famous Guinness cake.

Tuesday 27th March 1.45pm - All welcome at our Easter Service

Thursday 29th March 2pm - Easter Celebration with hot cross buns, simnel cake and entertainment with Mr Magic!

Monday 23rd April 2pm - St Georges Day party.



Thank you again to everyone who participated in our most recent stakeholder’s survey. In the results of the survey it was clear that some family members and friends were not aware of the way our care planning system works. Below is a brief outline, if you ever have any questions please don't hesitate to pop in or give us a call.

Before a resident moves into Ingham House a pre assessment document is completed with the input of the relatives and significant people in their lives. These details are then transferred into a more comprehensive care plan.

As soon as somebody moves in to Ingham House, a member of our senior care team will work with the new resident, their relatives and relevant health care professionals to create an extensive and individual care plan using information gathered at the pre-assessment stage as well as any new information. The care plans can cover everything from medication and allergies to preferences on clothing and daily activities. These care plans are working documents which our care tem use for reference and are updated to reflect changes in health, preferences or medications among other things. All care plans are reviewed weekly by the manager and senior care team.


Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter.

We look forward to welcoming family and friends to our events over the coming year.